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Coach Rentals Johannesburg

Top Quality Coach Rentals Available in Johannesburg

The South African transport system might have been in disarray in the past, but in recent times, great changes have brought about a whole new light on the subject and the system. Gone are the days where bus hire and coach hire companies could offer a substandard service and get away with it. Now is the time to embrace road travel options on offer and realise just how much has been done to make the experience not just affordable to you, but comfortable too. When you learn more about us, you will discover that Premier Coaches & Tours is on the forefront of all of these positive changes in the industry, not because we have to meet a certain level of service or standard, but because we want to.

Premier Coaches & Tours is a company that is setting out to make a difference. We start with our attitude and approach to the industry, and carry it through with our fleet of luxury and semi-luxury coaches and buses that certainly have more than the average bus hire package to offer. When hiring a vehicle from us, you can expect a world of benefits – some of which you certainly would not expect of a coach hire company.

We have a variety of vehicles on offer at Premier Coaches & Tours, which can cater to tour groups between 7 passengers and 80 passengers. You can view our entire fleet’s images and details by visiting our “Vehicle Description Gallery” on our website.

Some of the features that you can expect on board our vehicles:

  • Comfortable seats.
  • On-board toilet facilities.
  • Air conditioning.
  • CCTV for security.
  • GPS tracking for security and rerouting purposes.
  • WiFi connectivity (available in selected vehicles).
  • Electronic charging points for cell phones, laptops and similar (available in selected vehicles).

These are just a few of the features found on our vehicles. For more information, please feel free to chat with one of our consultants who will supply you with detailed information about the vehicle specifics.

Our full scope of services includes:

  • Long distance group travel.
  • Airport shuttle.
  • Large group travel for short distances, such as company functions, conferences and so on.
  • Excursions.
  • Daily commute.
  • Inter-country travel groups.

Our team is headed up by Sahni Singh, who has a great deal of experience in the industry and looks after logistics, and Fanie van Zyl, who is the managing director with strong strategic business skills. Together, Sahni and Fanie work towards providing travellers with the ultimate opportunity to enjoy comfortable travel options, without having to pay an arm and a leg. Our packages are designed to offer competitive rates and we put our logistical skills to good use, as we manage each trip requested with professionalism and confidence.

When it comes to safety, we put yours first each and every time. We send our vehicles for regular services and maintenance checks, to ensure that our passengers arrive safely at their destination and with no nasty surprises en route.

While we, at Premier Coaches & Tours, strive to make a difference in the coach and bus hire industry, we only hope that you will learn more about us and consider us for your next trip.

We are driven by the Journey!

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